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Your Safety, Our Priority: Trusted Fire Equipment Services by Technosafe

TECHNOSAFE Trading and Engineering provides installation and maintenance services for Fire Alarms, Fire Fighting System, Fire Sealants, Fire Extinguisher, GRP Sectional Water Tanks, Central Battery Systems, Emergency Lighting,  CCTV, Room Integrity Test and Security Systems in Qatar.

Serving the nation to guarantee its citizens’ safety and providing goods and services that guarantee customer happiness is our top priority. Effective team that designs and estimates fire systems to satisfy Qatar civil defense regulations and assists you in obtaining permits from civil defense authorities in Qatar.

As an experienced firefighting contractor in Qatar, we offer our services from fire pump, sprinkler, hydrant, and fire alarm system design to reliable firefighting and fire protection system commissioning.

Because we have been in this industry for a long time, we are familiar with the equipment and services that current firefighting contractors need to provide safety, particularly for high-rise buildings, commercial spaces, industrial homes, major manufacturing facilities, and even tiny units.

We carefully examine and evaluate each unique need in order to offer you affordable, yet highly effective firefighting services. Our top priority is to provide our clients with total peace of mind and safety while keeping our services reasonably priced.”As professional firefighting contractors, we recognize the significance of battling fires. For this reason, we commission reliable fire apparatus by 100% inspection before to delivery and by adhering to best engineering practices.

Fire Fighting & Fire Protection
The act of battling fires includes trying to stop large, unwanted fires from spreading and putting them out in cars, buildings, forests, etc. On the other hand, fire protection is the process of reducing the unfavorable consequences of potentially disastrous fires. It entails research and development, the creation, testing, and implementation of mitigating measures, as well as the behavior, suppression, and investigation of fire and its connected emergencies. The technical staff at Firestone investigates fire risks and assists you in installing the appropriate system.


To provide exceptional fire equipment services, ensuring the safety and security of our clients’ facilities and personnel through innovative solutions and reliable maintenance.


To be the leading provider of fire equipment services, ensuring the safety and security of every space we protect.

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