Fire Stopping/Fire Sealant

Fire Stopping/Fire Sealant

Leading firestopping contractor in the Qatar region, TECHNOSAFE offers superior installation and material supply services. We are a certified firestop contractor recognized by the UL. The mission of TECHNOSAFE is to protect people’s lives and their property from harm caused by fire and smoke spreading throughout the structure by offering expert, effective customer services.

Our team at TECHNOSAFE is composed of highly skilled individuals with a professional operational staff. We hold them responsible and expect a high level of expertise from them. As a firestopping contractor, we are capable of managing any kind of project, no matter how big or little.

The TECHNOSAFE team is a capable and professional contractor; we employ products from all leading manufacturers to give us the finest solutions for your project’s demands, and we are able to assess your particular requirements. From site surveys to thorough project take-offs using the newest technology, we at TECHNOSAFE can give you the precise solutions you need to make the best decisions for your project. We also offer the necessary cost information. We never trust guesswork and instead concentrate on creating astute solutions to guarantee that your home and the occupants are shielded from the spread of smoke and fire.

Fire Sealant Services

Fire Sealant Services: Ensuring Safety Through Expert Solutions

Fire Sealant Through Penetration

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